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Big Oil Botches Another Pipeline

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Saturday, March 30, 2013
Maggie Kao, 202-675-2384

For Immediate Release:
March 30, 2013

Big Oil Botches Another Pipeline

Mayflower, AR -- Today an Exxon Mobil pipeline carrying heavy, toxic Canadian tar sands crude ruptured in Mayflower, AR, forcing 22 families from their homes. The spill follows a string of similar pipeline ruptures by Big Oil that have endangered Americans' health and property.

In response, Michael Brune, Sierra Club executive director, released the following statement:

"Our thoughts are with the families of Mayflower, Arkansas who have been forced from their homes as Big Oil botches yet another dirty oil pipeline.  

"This latest toxic mess is just another reminder that oil companies cannot be trusted to transport toxic tar sands crude through Americans' backyards, farmlands and watersheds.  It's not a matter of if spills will occur on dangerous pipelines like the Keystone XL, but rather, when -- and at what cost to Americans." 



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