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New Sierra Club Report: Newly Launched Transatlantic Trade Pact Could Pose Environmental Risks

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Tuesday, June 18, 2013
Dan Byrnes (202) 495-3039 or daniel.byrnes@sierraclub.org

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Today, the Sierra Club released a report that highlights many of the threats the Transatlantic Trade and Investment deal could pose to the health of communities, our air and water, and the global climate.

The report, “The Transatlantic Trade Agreement: What’s at Stake For Communities and the Environment,” focuses on three important regulatory arenas that the trade negotiations might disrupt:

  1. Environmental protection

  2. Food Safety

  3. Industrial chemical regulations

The report also speaks to the risks associated with including vast protections for foreign corporations in the agreement, and the potential for the pact to open the floodgates for more dangerous natural gas fracking across the United States.

"Trade deals like this one go beyond trade issues like tariffs and affect American jobs, the safety of our food, and much more -- so educating the public is key.” said Ilana Solomon, Sierra Club’s trade representative. “This report should help get the conversation started. Sweeping trade pacts done wrong can directly harm our water, our land, and the already vulnerable global climate.”

“Along with releasing this report, the Sierra Club will also be monitoring the negotiations with a watchful eye,” Solomon said. “In order for the public to meaningfully engage in these important issues that will affect them and their families, trade negotiations must be transparent from the very beginning. The brewing Trans-Pacific Partnership trade talks have a bad track record when it comes to transparency. It’s time to change that.”

To view the report, click here: The Transatlantic Trade Agreement: What’s at Stake For Communities and the Environment


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