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The Sierra Club and the Moapa Band of Paiutes Respond to Governor Sandoval Signing SB 123

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Reid Gardner Coal Plant Will Finally Close – But Questions Remain Over Remediation and Pollution Cleanup
Wednesday, June 12, 2013
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Carson City – Senate Bill 123, which passed the Nevada legislature with broad bipartisan support, has been signed into law by Governor Sandoval. The legislation clears the way for NV Energy to retire the Reid Gardner coal plant by 2017, stop purchasing coal fired power from Arizona’s Navajo Generating Station, and develop new renewable energy.

In response, the Sierra Club and the Moapa Band of Paiutes issued the following statement:
“We thank Governor Sandoval for his leadership on this groundbreaking piece of legislation,” said Jane Feldman, Sierra Club State Energy Task Force Chair. “We commend Governor Sandoval, Senator Harry Reid, and the legislature for working together to end NV Energy’s use of coal in favor of clean energy - this is truly a game changer for Nevada’s energy policy.”

“The real work begins now,” Feldman continued.  “NV Energy needs to move as expeditiously as possible to close its coal plants – including the North Valmy power plant. It is equally important that the coal pollution cleanup and remediation gets under way at the Reid Gardner site. The Moapa Paiutes have waited long enough.”

“The Moapa Band of Paiutes thanks Governor Sandoval, Senator Harry Reid, the Nevada legislature, and all the people that supported our fight to close the Reid Gardner coal plant that for decades poisoned our reservation,” said Vickie Simmons, leading member of the Moapa Band of Paiutes Health and Environmental Committees. “It’s now time to move forward. The area around the Reid Gardner plant needs to be fully cleaned up and full remediation must take place so that the coal ash waste does not continue to contaminate the land, air and water near where our families live.”


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