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Sierra Club Celebrates Epic September for the Climate Movement

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Carbon pollution standards, scientific climate reports and dynamic grassroots events demonstrate momentum for bold action on climate
Thursday, September 26, 2013
WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Thousands of Americans will mobilize to call for climate solutions in the weeks ahead as public officials and community groups speak out about the need to take action on the climate crisis. 
A series of events by community groups, scientists, and concerned Americans nationwide starting last Friday and continuing over the next two weeks will highlight the growing urgency to fight climate disruption. From Stockholm, Sweden, to Washington, D.C., to small town Minnesota and beyond, the need to combat the climate crisis will come into clear focus as a series of local, federal and international actions will underscore the fact that this is the moment to act on climate.
“This month will go down as an epic September for the climate movement, with experts and everyday Americans nationwide speaking out on the most urgent environmental challenge of our time,” said Michael Brune, Sierra Club Executive Director. “This month’s proposed carbon pollution protections show that the Obama administration is serious about tackling climate disruption.”
On September 20, the Environmental Protection Agency released proposed safeguards against carbon pollution from new power plants. These air quality protections will allow EPA to focus on the industries that create the lion’s share of the nation’s carbon pollution while helping to prevent life-threatening air pollution like toxic mercury, dirty soot and smog that triggers asthma attacks. 
More than a dozen upcoming community events will praise these new carbon pollution safeguards and call attention to local threats from climate disruption. Event highlights include:
  • New Jersey: An action at Liberty State Park, with the Statue of Liberty in the background, to reflect on the destruction caused by Superstorm Sandy 
  • Colorado: A rally in Boulder around climate disruption and the area’s recent deadly floods
  • Indiana: A solar tour highlighting residents and businesses that use solar power
  • Minnesota: A public forum targeting the connections between hunger, poverty and climate disruption in East Africa, due to the large East African population in MN.
In Washington, D.C. today, a group of fifteen costumed polar bears will join Alaska Native leaders, conservationists and other concerned Americans at a rally in front of the White House. They will protest oil drilling in the Arctic Ocean, which would worsen climate disruption. Follow the polar bears through the livestream, and view their climate tour.
Also today, the State Department released its 2014 Climate Action Report, along with a new biennial report, as part of the U.S. commitment to the United Nations climate process. The report outlines what the U.S. is doing to cut carbon pollution by 17% of 2005 levels by 2020, including the actions ordered by President Obama in June. These actions include new vehicle fuel economy standards and boosts for renewable energy sources, and notes that the U.S. will take further action via protections that will cut emissions from the power sector, more support for energy efficiency and clean energy, and a push to reduce methane and hydrofluorocarbon emissions.
This Friday the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change will release its latest climate science report. The findings will show the urgent need to take significant steps to stop climate disruption.
Finally on September 28-29, Plug In America and the Sierra Club will sponsor National Plug In Day, with electric car test drives in 90+ cities nationwide. Electric vehicles can significantly reduce carbon pollution while saving consumers money at the pump.
For more information about any of these events, please contact Oliver.Bernstein@sierraclub.org.
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