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Is David Jolly with Big Oil or With Florida?

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Wednesday, January 15, 2014
Frank Jackalone (727)824-8813, x302 or frank.jackalone@sierraclub.org
Trey Pollard (202) 495-3058 or trey.pollard@sierraclub.org


Florida Sierra Club: Is David Jolly with Big Oil or With Florida?


SAINT PETERSBURG, FL -- Last night, former lobbyist David Jolly won the Republican primary in Florida’s 13th Congressional District amid reports that his claims he never lobbied for offshore drilling were deemed “mostly false” by the non-partisan news organization Politifact.

In response, Florida Sierra Club Senior Organizing Manager Frank Jackalone released the following statement:


"Sierra Club is deeply troubled to learn that David Jolly lobbied in support of a bill that would have brought dangerous oil drilling much closer to Florida's Gulf coast.  The oil drilling Jolly supported would sharply increase the likelihood of an oil spill on our shores that could devastate Pinellas County's thriving tourism industry and bring financial ruin to thousands of businesses and families that are dependent on the Gulf's fisheries, clean water and pristine beaches.  


"Jolly's claim that he now opposes drilling in the Eastern Gulf of Mexico can't be trusted when he attempts to hide his lobbying activities for oil drilling. His advocacy for expanded offshore drilling in the Central and Western Gulf should concern anyone who wants their interests put before those of Big Oil"



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