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Wind Manufacturer Closes Doors on American Workers Due to Congressional Inaction

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As Koch Brothers Spend Big To Kill Wind Investments in Washington Gamesa shutters Western Pa. wind turbine plant
Wednesday, January 29, 2014
Kim Teplitzky, 267-307-4707, kim.teplitzky@sierraclub.org


Ebensburg, Pa - Amid uncertainty over the future of the Wind Energy Production Tax Credit, it was announced today that Gamesa would close its Western Pa. wind turbine factory. The plant, located outside Pittsburgh, employed more than 300 United Steelworkers at its height, helping bring jobs back to a struggling region.


In Response, Tom Schuster, Pennsylvania Campaign Representative of the Sierra Club, released the following statement:


“The closure of the Ebensburg facility is devastating news for American families in an area where wind energy jobs provided hope for a better future in the struggle to recover from the loss of steel industry jobs overseas.


All across Pennsylvania and the United States, wind power has flourished, creating jobs and powering homes and businesses. But, dirty fuel billionaires like the Koch Brothers are spending millions to kill critical investments in wind, grinding Congress to a halt and spurring uncertainty throughout the wind sector. Now, American workers and families are paying the cost of that Congressional inaction with the loss of good-paying jobs.


American workers deserve better than a Congress that bows to the demands of fossil fuel executives who’ve proven they will destroy American manufacturing just to cling to their profits. This tragic news is a huge missed opportunity for economic growth in Pennsylvania and a wake-up call that we must act to save American wind jobs now before they are shipped overseas while Congress sits on its hands.”


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