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Statement: Ohio Governor Kasich Reverses on Fracking Parks

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Wednesday, February 19, 2014
Eddie Scher, 415-977-5758, eddie.scher@sierraclub.org

For Immediate Release

[Columbus, OH] Today Ohio Governor John Kasich announced that he now opposes oil and gas fracking on public lands.

In response, Dave Scott, Sierra Club President issued the following statement:

“It seems Governor Kasich is coming to his senses after being caught up in the ongoing ‘frackgate’ scandal. The governor now admits that the ‘regulatory structure’ is not ‘mature’ enough to allow fracking in Ohio’s parks. We agree. But the Sierra Club and our 2.4 million members and supporters understand that what is too dangerous for our parks is too dangerous for other public lands or our backyards. And everyone will agree that public officials shouldn’t be colluding with the oil and gas industry to force fracking down our throats.”


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