About Us

Things have gotten out of hand. Megastorms batter our coasts. Droughts and wildfires get worse each year. Meanwhile, special interests find new ways to game the system, our rights get trampled and families struggle to make ends meet. Yet wealthy and powerful forces have mucked up our government’s ability to solve problems. It’s time to stand up and be heard.

SierraRise is part of a community working to create a world with justice, sustainability, and genuine democracy for everyone. And we’re winning real victories - keeping dirty chemicals out of our schools, supporting the rights of immigrant families, and replacing dirty coal-fired power plants with clean energy – just to name a few. We’re making a meaningful difference in the lives of everyday people.   

The public conversation around real solutions has gone stale, and SierraRise is here to freshen things up. We’re growing this movement by flooding the inboxes, voicemails, and offices of politicians and corporations with powerful personal messages; sharing heartfelt stories, inspiring pictures, and moving videos to generate a national discussion; and using the latest digital tools to make sure we’re too loud to ignore.

In these times, we have to try new things if we’re going to make progress. SierraRise was launched by the Sierra Club, a grassroots organization caring for our planet since the days of working with Teddy Roosevelt to protect places like the Grand Canyon. And SierraRise isn’t run by some eggheads in a tower (we wish we had a tower) – it’s run by all of us. SierraRise is driven by the online community. What issues we tackle, what stories we share, what impact we have, what rises to the top -- it’s up to all of us.  Because when we join together on issues we care about, we win.

Why stand apart, when we can rise together?

Our Community Values

  • Caring and responsibility for each other and our planet
  • Trust, openness and, respect
  • Freedom, shared opportunity, and prosperity
  • Community, service, and cooperation