Sign the petition! Tell President Obama: Natural Gas is not a climate solution

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Last month, President Obama spoke about his plans to tackle climate change. But the president's plan includes an increased reliance on natural gas.

Nearly half a million natural gas wells can be found from Pennsylvania to California. Companies pump a mostly unknown cocktail of toxic chemicals into the ground to unleash the natural gas locked below -- all the while poisoning the air and water and turning local communities into industrial zones. But not only is natural gas putting our communities at risk, it's also helping to heat up our planet.

White House

Drilling for natural gas means more climate pollution. Methane emissions from fracking -- leaking from wells throughout the drilling process -- are 72 to 105 times more potent than carbon dioxide. And we know the climate footprint of a fracked well is much larger than the well itself. The water, sand, and steel used to build and drill these wells are trucked in, redefining rush hour traffic in many parts of the country.

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