Explore, enjoy and protect the planet


At the end of the day, knowing that we have taken a big step to create a better world for our daughter is the only payback I need.
-- Mary Anne Hitt, director of the Sierra Club Beyond Coal Campaign


Burning fossil fuels seems so illogical!
We chose to go solar mainly to reduce our carbon footprint for future generations and to invest in solar technology and manufacturing. Leasing seemed the best way for us and for the economy. Ours is a small step towards lessening our impact & harm to the ecological services that sustain Life on the planet. It is a start for the common good and worth the sacrifice considering the alternative. We have hope because sensible and practical energy technology and use isgaining momentum; there is no turning back.
-- Suzanne and David | AZ
I'd recommend solar to everyone!
I am a big proponent of renewable energy solutions! It meant a lot that Sungevity would give $750 to our local Sierra Club chapter. Our electricity bills have dropped from $230 to $58 this year, and according to our last utility statement, we have offset 96% of our electric usage and most days we are net energy producers! The payback for the system is almost immediate as we are saving a lot each month. Perhaps the biggest side effect of going solar is the fact that we have really become more conscious of our overall home energy use in order to best utilize the solar array's production.
-- Chad | AZ
Meter runs backward - even in the fog!
We live on the north coast in an all electric house. We put on solar panels this summer and our meter runs backwards, even in our foggy area. Wonderful investment in every way!
-- Elizabeth | CA
The lease option made it simple and affordable.
The combination of the Sierra Club and Sungevity convinced us to go solar, and the lease option made it simple and affordable. Our installers were friendly and efficient and the installation is clean and unobtrusive. The online monitoring system is easy to use, and we are thrilled that we have already generated 652 kWh in the first two months and seen our bills come down.
-- Phil | Menlo Park, CA
Best of all, we significantly reduce our carbon footprint.
The solar panel lease deal my wife and I got from Sungevity is fantastic! We put zero down and the lease payment is only $31.28 per month. Because our electric bills will be lower, we'll realize a net savings of over $2,000 over the life of the lease. Best of all, we significantly reduce our carbon footprint.
-- Paul L. | Massachusettes