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At the end of the day, knowing that we have taken a big step to create a better world for our daughter is the only payback I need.
-- Mary Anne Hitt, director of the Sierra Club Beyond Coal Campaign


Truly enthusiastic about solar power!
I am truly enthusiastic about solar power. Because I have a small roof and my electricity bills were low to begin with, I'm not saving money by going solar - but on days when I don't accomplish much of anything else I'm happy to know I'm generating a little electricity
-- Markley M. | California
Solar photovoltaic electricity is so easy.
Our family is going solar because solar photovoltaic electricity is so easy. The sun is powerful here in the high mountain desert of New Mexico. I made solar panels using only solar power, even laminating them in a solar oven. Then I installed them on the roof of my electric shuttle bus. Figuring out how to move a 7 ton vehicle with solar pv panels was quite the challenge. But I figured it out and put the Solar Buzz on parade. I use it a lot and people want me to use it for a mass transit vehicle.
-- Kim A. | New Mexico
My system will be paid for in no time!
Installed 55 panels May 2011, it took 2 days and my contractor handled everything. With the tax credit, the electricity savings, and selling the extra energy (SREC's), my system will be paid for in no time. But the bigger payback is doing my part to end this country's dependence on dirty and dangerous energy.
-- Patti J. | New Jersey
We've been so pleased with the Sungevity experience.
The installation of our solar panels was prompt and efficient and the contractors left the site clean each day. Five months later, we've already noticed a significant reduction in our electricity bill. The panels are virtually "invisible" from the street and we are spreading the word to others because we've been so pleased with the Sungevity experience.
-- Carol S. | Pleasant Hill, California
We went for it and were surprised.
We thought for a long time about going solar, but as seniors we were reluctant because of the cost we thought would be involved. When the Sierra Club offered an opportunity to get a no-obligation quote, we went for it and were surprised at how affordable the lease option was for us. We are happy to lower our utility costs, help the environment, and assist the Sierra Club.
-- Mary Jane and David C. | Santa Cruz, California