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At the end of the day, knowing that we have taken a big step to create a better world for our daughter is the only payback I need.
-- Mary Anne Hitt, director of the Sierra Club Beyond Coal Campaign


It was the perfect opportunity.
We've wanted to convert to solar power for years but were waiting to see costs come down. Sierra Club's partnership with Sungevity and the lease program provided the perfect opportunity for us!
-- Dave and Bev K. | Petaluma, California
Our electric bill is already 60% lower.
I heard about the Sierra Club program and was happy about the contribution to Sierra Club, the discount for us and the opportunity to benefit the environment. Our electric bill is already about 60% lower, and we hope to exceed 80% this summer! We're generating about 450 kWh per month and saving about 650 lbs of carbon emissions each month. We're happy to be putting all that wonderful California sunshine to good use!
-- Frank M. | Los Alamitos, California
We jumped at it.
We'd been thinking for some time about solar panels, but the up-front investment was daunting. So when the Sierra Club pointed us at the Sungevity deal -- no money down and a ten-year lease that really does pay for itself -- and benefits the work of the Sierra Club too -- we jumped at it. We recently got our first electric bill after the system went online - down 80% from last month's bill and the solar panels haven't even been online the whole month yet!
-- Collin P. | Redwood City, California
I loved going solar with the Sierra Club.
Using a lease program, I put no money down, incurred no risk, and my electricity bill has dropped significantly. Even with my low lease payment, I'm saving money on my monthly bills. And the process was extremely easy!
-- Steve S. | California
Saving the environment for our grandchildren
The reason we went solar was to help in some small way to save the environment for our grandchildren. Our experience with Sungevity and the subcontractor was very good, everything went smoothly and the staff were professional and responsive to my questions. The system is online and working well!
-- Satisfied Customer and Sierra Club supporter | Rocklin, CA