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At the end of the day, knowing that we have taken a big step to create a better world for our daughter is the only payback I need.
-- Mary Anne Hitt, director of the Sierra Club Beyond Coal Campaign


I'm very happy with my solar panels
The panel installation went flawlessly, and Sungevity does a good job monitoring and servicing the system. In the future I will see a net savings because utility costs will rise faster than my lease amount. I was also happy that the Sierra Club got money back from Sungevity.
-- David S. | California
I really appreciated the Sierra Club campaign
At 7000ft in the Sierras, we had a unique situation, and the local contractors did a really excellent job. Our type of metal roof is not one Sungevity has worked with before, so they found a local roofer to help ensure the connectors would be strong, durable, and weathertight. I really appreciated the Sierra Club campaign -- it motivated us to go ahead with something we'd been considering and, importantly, I felt confident that the Club had chosen reputable, reliable companies.
-- Jane | near Mammoth Lake, CA