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NameTrip #DatesSpaces
Beneath the Aurora Borealis: Sailing the Lofoten Islands, Norway14770ADec 3–11, 2014Waiting List
Panama Canopy: Tropical Birding at its Best14780ADec 6–14, 20144
Natural Highlights of Costa Rica14775ADec 16–28, 2014Waiting List
Cruising the Galápagos Islands, Ecuador15500ADec 22, 2014–Jan 3, 2015Waiting List
Up Close in Undiscovered Costa Rica15505AJan 3–13, 2015Waiting List
Mayan Mysteries: Jungles, Ruins, and Reefs, Belize and Guatemala15510AJan 26–Feb 7, 2015More than 5
Mountains, Forests, and Beaches of New Zealand's South Island15515AFeb 3–13, 2015More than 5
On Safari in Tanzania15520AFeb 5–17, 2015More than 5
Kilimanjaro and Safari, Tanzania15525AFeb 6–21, 2015Waiting List
Treasures, Tigers, and the Taj Mahal, India15530AFeb 8–21, 2015Be First on Waiting List!
Devilish Tasmania, Australia15535AFeb 17–28, 20152
Due to lodging considerations, available space is reserved for One Male
Wild, Wonderful Costa Rica15545AMar 1–14, 2015Waiting List
Natural and Historical Highlights of Israel15540AMar 1–14, 2015More than 5
Active Adventure on the Seventh Continent, Antarctica15550AMar 3–14, 2015Waiting List
Cultural Discovery and Service in Nepal15555AMar 4–17, 2015More than 5
Vietnam Adventure15560AMar 4–19, 2015Waiting List
Hiking Japan's Ancient Buddhist Trails, Rainforests, and Volcanoes, Kyushu15565AMar 23–Apr 4, 2015Waiting List
Magic and Mystery of Manaslu, Nepal15570AApr 5–29, 2015More than 5
Into the Heart of Tarahumara Country, Copper Canyon, Mexico15575AApr 12–25, 2015More than 5
Springtime in Western Turkey15585AApr 25–May 8, 20154
Machu Picchu Eco-Lodge Trek, Peru15580AApr 25–May 5, 2015Be First on Waiting List!
The Enchanted Galápagos Islands, Ecuador15590AApr 27–May 9, 2015More than 5
Hiking in the Hidden Kingdom, Bhutan15595AMay 3–16, 2015Waiting List
Walking the Cotswolds, England15600AMay 10–20, 2015More than 5
Walking the Franciscan Trail, Umbria, Italy15605AMay 17–28, 2015More than 5
Mountains, Lochs, and Glens: The West Highland Way, Scotland15610AMay 18–27, 2015Be First on Waiting List!
Hiking Japan's Ancient Buddhist Trails, Rainforests, and Volcanoes, Kyushu15565BMay 18–30, 2015More than 5
Hiking and History in Southern England15615AMay 24–Jun 3, 20155
Springtime in Northern Yunnan, China15675AMay 24–Jun 7, 2015More than 5
Vienna to Prague: Walking the Czech Greenways, Austria and Czech Republic15620AMay 28–Jun 10, 20153
Jewels of Croatia: Forests, Rivers, and Islands15625AMay 31–Jun 13, 2015Waiting List
Hidden Trails of Cinque Terre and the Italian Riviera, Italy and France15630AJun 2–13, 2015More than 5
Botswana and Zambia: A Living Eden15635AJun 4–16, 2015More than 5
In Search of the Polar Bear in the Land of the Midnight Sun, Norway15655AJun 12–19, 2015Waiting List
Poets and Pilgrims: A Literary Walking Tour of Ireland15640AJun 14–25, 2015More than 5
England's Coast-to-Coast Walk: From the Irish Sea to the North Sea15650AJun 15–28, 2015Waiting List
Prehistory in the Shadow of the Alps, Italy and France15645AJun 15–26, 2015More than 5
Easy Hiking the Dolomites, Italy15725AJun 22–Jul 5, 2015More than 5
Hiking the Alps of Bavaria and Tyrol, Germany and Austria15660AJun 23–Jul 4, 2015More than 5
Kilimanjaro and Safari, Tanzania15525BJun 27–Jul 12, 2015More than 5
Family Fun in Paradise, Costa Rica15815AJun 27–Jul 6, 2015More than 5
Eiger and Jungfrau Up Close, Switzerland15665AJun 28–Jul 6, 2015More than 5
Fire, Ice, and Water, Iceland15730AJul 3–17, 2015More than 5
Finland Discovered: Culture, History, and Nature15735AJul 6–16, 2015More than 5
Dolomiti di Brenta: Trekking the Trentino Alps, Italy15740AJul 15–23, 2015More than 5
Exploring Norway's Fjords and Glaciers15745AJul 19–29, 2015More than 5
Intriguing Mongolia Trek15690AAug 1–14, 2015More than 5
Machu Picchu, Inca Hikes, and Andean Culture, Peru15825AAug 2–13, 2015More than 5
Exploring Norway's Fjords and Glaciers15750AAug 10–20, 2015More than 5
In Search of Ancient Ireland15755AAug 15–28, 2015More than 5
Tanzania Safari in the Footsteps of the Maasai15680AAug 20–30, 2015More than 5
Adventures in the Scottish Highlands15760AAug 31–Sep 10, 20155
Hidden Trails of Cinque Terre and the Italian Riviera, Italy and France15630BSep 1–12, 2015More than 5
On Foot in Northern Spain: Camino de Santiago and Picos de Europa15765ASep 2–13, 20153
England's Coast-to-Coast Walk: Lakes, Dales, Moors, and More15770ASep 6–19, 2015Be First on Waiting List!
A Taste of Tuscany and Cinque Terre, Italy15780ASep 12–23, 2015More than 5
Jewels of Croatia: Forests, Rivers, and Islands15785ASep 13–26, 20153
Easy Hiking Chamonix, France15775ASep 14–23, 2015More than 5
Trekking the Turquoise Coast of Turkey15790ASep 18–Oct 3, 2015More than 5
Hiking the Greek Islands15795ASep 22–Oct 5, 2015Waiting List
Magical Morocco: From Casbahs to Camels15685ASep 26–Oct 11, 2015More than 5
Naples to Brindisi: Secrets of Southern Italy15800ASep 27–Oct 8, 2015More than 5
Walking the Franciscan Trail, Umbria, Italy15605BSep 27–Oct 8, 2015More than 5
Treasures of Sicily, Italy15805AOct 10–21, 2015More than 5
Autumn Alpine Trek in Bhutan15695AOct 10–27, 2015More than 5
Borneo Explorer, Malaysia15700AOct 11–23, 2015Waiting List
Hike, Bike, and Kayak in Vietnam15705AOct 17–31, 2015More than 5
Mt. Everest Lodge Trek, Nepal15710AOct 22–Nov 13, 2015More than 5
Focus on Birds in Ecuador, Hummingbird Heaven15830AOct 25–Nov 11, 2015More than 5
Trekking the Patagonia Circuit, Argentina and Chile15835AOct 26–Nov 6, 2015More than 5
Splendors of Jordan: Petra, Desert Hiking, and the Dead Sea15845AOct 26–Nov 8, 2015More than 5
Machu Picchu Eco-Lodge Trek, Peru15840ANov 2–12, 2015Be First on Waiting List!
Machu Picchu Eco-Lodge Trek, Peru15840BNov 4–14, 2015More than 5
Wheels Over Cuba: Conservation at a Crossroads15720ANov 5–15, 2015More than 5
Laotian Hill Tribe Trek15715ANov 8–21, 2015More than 5
Blue Twilight: Sailing the Lofoten Archipelago, Norway15810ANov 26–Dec 4, 2015More than 5
Birding Panama: Camp Darien to Mountain Lodge15820ADec 15–26, 2015More than 5
Enchanting Galápagos: A Holiday Adventure in Ecuador16505ADec 20, 2015–Jan 1, 2016More than 5
Natural Highlights of Costa Rica16510ADec 21, 2015–Jan 2, 2016More than 5
Exploring Exotic Ecuador: Coast, Andes, and Amazon16515ADec 22, 2015–Jan 3, 2016More than 5
Best of Belize: Rainforest, Ruins, and Reefs16520ADec 26, 2015–Jan 2, 2016More than 5
Treasures of Thailand: Bangkok, Chiang Mai, and the Andaman Sea16500AJan 11–24, 2016More than 5

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