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Give back to public lands on a volunteer vacation. Accommodating all levels of skill and stamina, these trips include tasks like building and maintaining trails, repairing meadows, helping archaeologists, and eradicating non-native vegetation. For more information, visit our volunteer vacations page.

Typically, one to two days are free for hiking, swimming, and exploring the surroundings. Most trips involve camping, but we also offer lodge-based trips for participants who like a bed and shower at the end of the day. See individual trip brochures for information on accommodations and work projects.

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NameTrip #DatesSpaces
City in a Garden: Spring Service in Chicago, Illinois14085AApr 27–May 3, 20141
Red Rock Eden, Capitol Reef National Park, Utah14084AApr 27–May 3, 2014Waiting List
A Past to Recover: Service at Carrizo Plain National Monument, California14083AApr 27–May 3, 2014More than 5
Sea and Service at Point Reyes National Seashore, California14086AMay 4–10, 2014Waiting List
Spring Service in Arches National Park, Utah14270AMay 4–10, 2014More than 5
Molokai Service, Culture, and Conservation14026AMay 11–19, 2014Waiting List
Santa Rosa Island Service, Channel Islands National Park, California14087AMay 17–23, 2014Be First on Waiting List!
Wild Trout Recovery in Northern New Mexico14315AMay 18–24, 20145
Re-Greening the Grand Canyon, Arizona14271AMay 18–24, 20145
50-Plus Pyramid Lake Service and Fun, Nevada14088AMay 18–24, 2014Waiting List
Service at Antietam National Battlefield, Maryland14089AMay 18–24, 2014Waiting List
New York City Park Service14272AMay 25–Jun 1, 2014More than 5
Mule Packer Paradise: Ranch Maintenance in Shawnee, Colorado14273AMay 31–Jun 7, 2014More than 5
Chaco Canyon Service, New Mexico14274AJun 7–14, 20142
Monhegan Island: Jewel of the Sea, Maine14275AJun 8–14, 2014Waiting List
Weed Wrangling in Chugach National Forest, Alaska14007AJun 15–21, 2014Be First on Waiting List!
Resurrection Bay Cabin Maintenance, Alaska14009AJun 20–26, 20142
A Sunny Multi-Sport Sampler, Kauai14028AJun 21–27, 2014Waiting List
Organic Seeds in the Garden State, New Jersey14278AJun 22–28, 20142
Star Party on the North Rim, Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona14316AJun 22–28, 2014Be First on Waiting List!
Backcountry Trail-Preservation in The Bob Marshall Wilderness, Montana14277AJun 30–Jul 6, 20145
Family Service and Fun in Marin County, California14218AJul 6–12, 2014More than 5
A Vegan Service Project in Spectacular Yosemite Valley, California14279AJul 6–13, 2014Be First on Waiting List!
Trail Repair in Denali National Park, Alaska14014AJul 13–19, 20144
Women's Service at Tuolumne Meadows, Yosemite National Park, California14281AJul 20–27, 2014Waiting List
Archaeology and Trail Work in Dixie National Forest, Utah14280AJul 20–26, 20141
Service with the Seven Devils, Hells Canyon Wilderness, Idaho14282AJul 24–Aug 2, 2014More than 5
John Muir Wilderness Trail Restoration, California14283AJul 27–Aug 2, 2014Waiting List
Family Fun and Service in the Colorado Rockies14220AJul 28–Aug 3, 2014More than 5
Wildflower Extravaganza, Eagle Cap Wilderness, Oregon14284AAug 2–9, 20142
Glacial White Lake Service, New Jersey14286AAug 3–9, 2014More than 5
Gorge and Grave: Service at New River Gorge National River, West Virginia14287AAug 3–9, 2014More than 5
Unplug, Unwind, and Dig In; Trail Work in Idaho's Selkirk Mountains14289AAug 9–16, 20145
Rocky Mountain Wilderness Restoration, Colorado14288AAug 9–16, 2014More than 5
Work and Play at Clair Tappaan Lodge, Tahoe National Forest, California14291AAug 10–16, 2014More than 5
Grand Views and Wildlife: Service in the Gros Ventre Wilderness, Wyoming14290AAug 10–16, 2014More than 5
Return to Bryce Canyon: Family Service in Utah14224AAug 10–16, 20142
Lake Superior Service, Isle Royale National Park, Michigan14292AAug 15–23, 2014Waiting List
Wilderness Service and Local Life in the Green Mountain State, Vermont14293AAug 17–22, 20145
Glacier National Park, Crown of the Continent, Montana14294AAug 18–26, 20142
Lore and Labor in Lassen Volcanic National Park, California14295AAug 22–29, 2014More than 5
Wind River Range Restoration, Wyoming14285AAug 31–Sep 6, 2014More than 5
Service in Majestic Mt. Rainier National Park, Washington14298ASep 7–13, 2014More than 5
Kayaking and Service in the Appalachian Mountains, North Carolina14297ASep 7–13, 2014More than 5
Archaeological Restoration in Mesa Verde National Park, Colorado14296ASep 7–13, 2014Waiting List
Service at Antietam National Battlefield, Maryland14089BSep 14–20, 2014More than 5
Working Among Wolves: Service at the Wolf Conservation Center, New York14299ASep 14–21, 2014Waiting List
Fall Service in the City by The Sea, Newport, Rhode Island14300ASep 15–21, 2014More than 5
Wilderness Trail Building in the Red River Gorge, Kentucky14301ASep 20–27, 20142
Service Among Ancestral Puebloan Ruins, Utah14302ASep 21–27, 2014Be First on Waiting List!
Grasslands Research in the Valles Caldera, New Mexico14317ASep 21–27, 2014More than 5
Wild Trout Recovery in Northern New Mexico14319ASep 28–Oct 3, 2014More than 5
Lilting Lighthouse Lore and Labor, Big Sur, California14304AOct 4–11, 2014Be First on Waiting List!
Hidden History and Service at Valley Forge National Historic Park, Pennsylvania14303AOct 4–11, 2014Waiting List
New Jersey Seashore Service14307AOct 5–11, 2014More than 5
Acadia National Park Service, Maine14305AOct 5–11, 2014More than 5
Martha's Vineyard Service, Massachusetts14306AOct 5–11, 2014Waiting List
Habitat and History at Fort Ord, Monterey, California14308AOct 5–12, 2014More than 5
Fall Service at Fallingwater, Pennsylvania14309AOct 12–18, 2014Waiting List
Historic Bartow-Pell Conservancy Service, New York City14310AOct 12–19, 2014More than 5
Building the Pine Mountain Trail, Kentucky and Virginia14320AOct 12–18, 2014More than 5
Top of Texas, Guadalupe Mountains National Park14321AOct 18–25, 2014More than 5
Hot Springs, Falling Water, and Service in Saline Valley, California14311AOct 19–25, 20143
Sea and Service at Point Reyes National Seashore, California14312AOct 25–Nov 1, 2014More than 5
Women's Service at Pine Island Conservation Area, Merritt Island, Florida14313AOct 26–Nov 1, 2014More than 5
Marvelous Muleshoe Ranch Service, Gailuro Mountains, Arizona14314ANov 2–8, 2014Be First on Waiting List!
Sun Service and Whales15400AJan 18–25, 2015More than 5

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