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Hike, Bike, and Kayak in Vietnam15705AOct 17–31, 2015Be First on Waiting List!
Habitat and History at Fort Ord, Monterey, California15291AOct 18–25, 20154
Caribbean Island Kayaking, Florida Keys and Dry Tortugas, Florida15196AOct 18–24, 2015Be First on Waiting List!
Hot Springs, Falling Water, and Service in Saline Valley, California15289AOct 18–24, 2015Be First on Waiting List!
Autumn Glory in Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Tennessee15244AOct 18–23, 20155
Ancestral Pueblos of Chaco Canyon and Northern New Mexico15247AOct 19–25, 2015Be First on Waiting List!
Mt. Everest Lodge Trek, Nepal15710AOct 22–Nov 13, 2015More than 5
Top of Texas, Guadalupe Mountains National Park15298AOct 24–31, 2015Waiting List
Sea and Service at Point Reyes National Seashore, California15292AOct 24–31, 20151
Jewels of the Grand Canyon, Arizona15133AOct 25–31, 2015Be First on Waiting List!
Focus on Birds in Ecuador, Hummingbird Heaven15830AOct 25–Nov 11, 20152
Trekking the Patagonia Circuit, Argentina and Chile15835AOct 26–Nov 6, 2015Be First on Waiting List!
Jewels of the Grand Canyon, Arizona15133BOct 30–Nov 5, 2015Be First on Waiting List!
Marvelous Muleshoe Ranch Service, Gailuro Mountains, Arizona15293ANov 1–7, 2015Waiting List
Machu Picchu Eco-Lodge Trek, Peru15840ANov 2–12, 20152
Due to lodging considerations, available space is reserved for One Male
Machu Picchu Eco-Lodge Trek, Peru15840BNov 4–14, 2015Waiting List
Wheels Over Cuba: Conservation at a Crossroads15720ANov 5–15, 2015Be First on Waiting List!
Puerto Rico: From the Coast to the Mountains15031ANov 8–15, 2015Waiting List
Florida's Cool Springs and Wild Rivers15198ANov 15–21, 2015Be First on Waiting List!
Wheels Over Cuba: Conservation at a Crossroads15720BNov 19–29, 2015Be First on Waiting List!
Enchanting Galápagos: A Holiday Adventure in Ecuador16505ADec 20, 2015–Jan 1, 2016Waiting List
Natural Highlights of Costa Rica16510ADec 21, 2015–Jan 2, 2016Be First on Waiting List!
Active Adventure on the Seventh Continent, Antarctica16555ADec 28, 2015–Jan 7, 2016Waiting List
Sun, Service, and Whales, Maui, Hawaii16405AJan 3–10, 2016More than 5
Edge of the Everglades, Florida16416AJan 10–15, 2016More than 5
Everglades Eco Adventure, Florida16415AJan 10–15, 20162
Treasures of Thailand: Bangkok, Chiang Mai, and the Andaman Sea16500AJan 11–24, 2016More than 5
Gliding Through Glacier National Park, Montana16430AJan 16–23, 2016More than 5
Islands in the Sun: Kayaking Cayo Costa State Park, Florida16417AJan 24–30, 20165
Cultural Relevancy & Inclusion in Outdoor Organizations16996AJan 27, 2016More than 5
Hiking in Paradise, Maui and Kauai, Hawaii16400AJan 28–Feb 7, 2016Waiting List
Hiking the Natural Beauty of Southern Costa Rica and Northern Panama16530AJan 30–Feb 11, 2016More than 5
Marvelous Muleshoe Ranch Service, Galiuro Mountains, Arizona16450AJan 31–Feb 6, 2016Be First on Waiting List!
Extra-Virgin Island Sun, Sand, and Sport, St. John, U.S. Virgin Islands16406AJan 31–Feb 6, 2016Waiting List
Kilimanjaro and Safari, Tanzania16535AFeb 6–21, 2016Waiting List
Work and Fun in Sunny St. John, U.S. Virgin Islands16407AFeb 7–13, 2016Waiting List
Devilish Tasmania16540AFeb 7–18, 20162
Treasures, Tigers, and the Taj Mahal, India16570AFeb 7–20, 2016More than 5
Winter Wildlife and Hot Springs, Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming16431AFeb 10–17, 20163
Journey Through Untamed Wilderness: Alaska Dogsled16432AFeb 14–20, 20165
Snowshoeing Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming16433AFeb 14–21, 2016More than 5
Altar Valley Wildlife Habitat, Arizona16456AFeb 14–20, 2016More than 5
Reclaiming the Rosillos, Texas16458AFeb 20–27, 2016Waiting List
Invasive Plant Control in Anza-Borrego Desert State Park, California16457AFeb 20–27, 20165
Mountains, Forests, and Beaches of New Zealand's South Island16525AFeb 20–Mar 1, 20164
Audubon Research Ranch Service, Appleton-Whittell Research Ranch, Arizona16459AFeb 21–27, 2016Be First on Waiting List!
Trekking the Patagonia Circuit, Argentina and Chile16550AFeb 22–Mar 4, 2016More than 5
Big Island Sampler: Hawaii Volcanoes National Park and the Kona Coast, Hawaii16408AFeb 24–Mar 3, 2016More than 5
Classic Hikes in Big Bend National Park, Texas16425AFeb 28–Mar 5, 2016Waiting List
Altar Valley Wildlife Habitat, Arizona16460AFeb 28–Mar 5, 2016More than 5
Maine Woods Classic Cross-Country Ski and Snowshoe16444AFeb 28–Mar 5, 20165
Journey Through Untamed Wilderness: Alaska Dogsled16445AMar 6–12, 20162
Natural Highlights of Costa Rica16565AMar 6–18, 2016More than 5
Caribbean Sun and Sea at Vieques Island National Wildlife Refuge, Puerto Rico16409AMar 6–12, 2016More than 5
Birding Belize: Rainforest, Ruins, and Reefs16575AMar 7–16, 20165
Vietnam Adventure16580AMar 9–24, 2016Waiting List
Saving the San Pedro River, Arizona16461AMar 13–19, 20165
Magic in the Water, Florida16418AMar 13–19, 2016Waiting List
Springtime Service in Pinnacles: America's Newest National Park, California16462AMar 13–19, 2016Be First on Waiting List!
Critical Bird Habitat Restoration on Mauna Kea, Big Island, Hawaii16410AMar 13–19, 2016Waiting List
Big Sur Service, Pfeiffer State Park, California16075AMar 19–25, 2016More than 5
Cross-Country Skiing in the Shadow of Denali, Alaska16065AMar 20–25, 2016More than 5
Women Backpacking the Wonders of the Grand Canyon, Arizona16420AMar 27–Apr 2, 20161
Traversing the Jewels of the Grand Canyon, Arizona16028AMar 27–Apr 2, 2016More than 5
Desert Hiking and Wildflowers in Joshua Tree National Park, California16025AMar 29–Apr 3, 2016More than 5
Natural and Historical Highlights of Israel16560AMar 29–Apr 11, 2016More than 5
Kanab Creek Wilderness: Expansive Esplanade Terraces Fractured by Canyons, Grand Canyon Area, Arizona16026AApr 2–9, 2016More than 5
Nantahala Toil and Trek, North Carolina16076AApr 3–9, 2016More than 5
Side Canyons of the Escalante River, Utah16070AApr 3–9, 2016More than 5
Kayak or Canoe Way Down upon the Suwannee River, Georgia and Florida16047AApr 3–9, 2016More than 5
Exploring North Holland by Bike and Barge16585AApr 6–16, 2016Waiting List
To Hell and Back: Service in Hells Canyon, Idaho16077AApr 9–16, 2016More than 5
Mystery of the Rainbow, Navajo Indian Reservation, Arizona and Utah16027AApr 9–16, 2016More than 5
Kayaking Florida's Magical Rivers and Springs16045AApr 10–16, 2016More than 5
Borneo Explorer, Malaysia16590AApr 10–23, 2016Waiting List
New York City Forestry Service, New York16078AApr 10–17, 2016More than 5
Side Canyons of the Escalante River, Utah16071AApr 12–18, 2016More than 5
Somewhere Over the Rainbow, Navajo Indian Reservation, Arizona and Utah16029AApr 16–23, 2016More than 5
Service and History at Shenandoah Valley Battlefields, Virginia16080AApr 17–23, 2016More than 5
Swamp, Sea, and Big Trees: Kayaking South Carolina16046AApr 17–23, 2016More than 5
Mammoth Cave National Park Service, Kentucky16079AApr 17–23, 2016More than 5
Spring Hiking in Sedona, Arizona16050AApr 17–22, 2016More than 5
Service and Kayaking the Treasures of the Dry Tortugas, Florida16081AApr 17–23, 2016More than 5
Springtime Hiking and Birding in Big Bend National Park, Texas16051AApr 18–24, 2016More than 5
Machu Picchu Eco-Lodge Trek, Peru16595AApr 19–29, 2016Be First on Waiting List!
National Outings Training Trip - Desert Backpacking16999AApr 20–24, 2016Waiting List
Exploring the Hidden Kingdom, Bhutan16600AApr 23–May 6, 20165
Beyond Hollywood: The Natural Beauty of Southern California16052AApr 23–30, 2016More than 5
Springtime in Western Turkey16605AApr 23–May 6, 2016More than 5
Barrier Island Bliss: Sun, Surf, and Service at Cayo Costa, Florida16082AApr 24–30, 2016More than 5
Sacred Navajo Mountain Rainbow Trail, Arizona16030AApr 24–30, 2016More than 5
Redrock Eden, Capitol Reef National Park, Utah16083AApr 24–30, 2016More than 5
A Bavarian Spring: From Rothenburg to the Danube, Germany16610AApr 27–May 9, 2016Waiting List
Galiuro Mountains and Redfield Canyon Wilderness: The Place Time Forgot, Arizona16032AMay 1–7, 2016More than 5
Backpacking Paria Canyon: A Week of Visual Surprises, Arizona and Utah16031AMay 1–7, 20161
Hiking the Mountains to the Sea in Northern Greece16615AMay 2–13, 2016More than 5
Sea and Service at Point Reyes National Seashore, California16084AMay 7–14, 2016More than 5
Spring Service in Arches National Park, Utah16085AMay 8–14, 2016More than 5
Capitol Reef Natural History Base Camp, Utah16040AMay 9–15, 2016More than 5
England's Coast-to-Coast Walk: From the Irish Sea to the North Sea16620AMay 9–22, 2016Waiting List
Redrock Canyons of Escalante, Utah16033AMay 14–20, 2016More than 5
Wildlife and Photography Cruise, Prince William Sound, Alaska16005AMay 15–22, 2016More than 5
Waterfall Magic in the Columbia River Gorge, Oregon and Washington16054AMay 15–20, 2016More than 5
Farm Service on Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts16087AMay 15–21, 2016More than 5
Santa Rosa Island Service, Channel Islands National Park, California16086AMay 15–21, 2016More than 5
Moab Adventure for Women: Hike, Raft, and Ride in Southeast Utah16053AMay 15–21, 2016More than 5
Jewels of Croatia: Forests, Rivers, and Islands16625AMay 15–28, 20165
Hiking Japan's Ancient Buddhist Trails, Rainforests, and Volcanoes, Kyushu16640AMay 16–28, 2016More than 5
The Enchanted Galápagos Islands, Ecuador16630AMay 16–29, 2016Be First on Waiting List!
Mountain Vistas and Moorish Legacy in Andalucía, Southern Spain16635AMay 16–27, 2016More than 5
Walking the Franciscan Trail, Umbria, Italy16645AMay 17–28, 2016Be First on Waiting List!
Upper Dolpo Trek, Nepal16650AMay 18–Jun 24, 2016Waiting List
Natural History of Arches and Island in the Sky, Arches and Canyonlands National Parks, Utah16041AMay 18–25, 2016Waiting List
Wild Trout Recovery in Northern New Mexico16089AMay 22–28, 2016More than 5
Service at Antietam National Battlefield, Maryland16088AMay 22–28, 2016More than 5
New York City Park Service Trip, New York16090AMay 22–29, 2016More than 5
Kayaking Coastal Virginia: Blackwater and Beach16048AMay 22–28, 2016More than 5
Mountains, Lochs, and Glens: The West Highland Way, Scotland16655AMay 23–Jun 2, 2016Waiting List
Vienna to Prague: Walking the Czech Greenways, Austria and Czech Republic16705AMay 26–Jun 8, 2016More than 5
Rafting the San Juan River, Utah16060AMay 26–30, 2016More than 5
Service in the Footsteps of Geronimo, Arizona16091AMay 28–Jun 4, 2016More than 5
Rafting the Wild and Free Yampa, Dinosaur National Monument, Colorado and Utah16061AMay 30–Jun 3, 2016More than 5
Hidden Trails of Cinque Terre and Italian Riviera, France and Italy16660AMay 31–Jun 11, 20164
Botswana and Zimbabwe: A Living Eden16665AJun 2–14, 20164
Walking Through History in the Cotswolds, England16670AJun 3–12, 2016More than 5
Gems of Kauai: Rainforests, Canyons, and the Deep Blue Sea, Hawaii16021AJun 4–12, 2016More than 5
Musk Ox Magic at Cape Krusenstern National Monument, Alaska16007AJun 5–11, 2016More than 5
Backpacking the Brooks Range at the Moment of Spring, Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, Alaska16006AJun 5–15, 20164
Hiking and Service on Oahu, Hawaii16022AJun 12–18, 2016More than 5
Coastal Plain to Arctic Peaks Wildlife Safari, Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, Alaska16008AJun 13–24, 20161
In the Shadow of the Alps: Light Hiking and Culture in Italy and France16675AJun 13–24, 2016More than 5
Stone Age to New Age: Sacred Sites and Mysticism in Ireland16680AJun 17–29, 2016Waiting List
Packrafting and Hiking Wrangell-St. Elias National Park, Alaska16009AJun 18–25, 2016More than 5
Trail Service in Kachemak Bay State Park, Alaska16010AJun 19–25, 2016More than 5
Easy Hiking the Dolomites, Italy16685AJun 20–Jul 3, 2016More than 5
Hiking the Alps of Bavaria and Tyrol, Germany and Austria16690AJun 21–Jul 2, 2016More than 5
World-Class Whitewater: Rafting the Middle Fork of the Salmon River, Idaho16062AJun 24–29, 2016More than 5
Eiger and Jungfrau Up Close, Switzerland16695AJun 26–Jul 4, 2016More than 5
Hiking the Italian Western Alps16700AJun 29–Jul 9, 2016More than 5
Women's Adventure in the Andes, Peru16865AJun 29–Jul 9, 2016More than 5
Explore Glacier Bay by Yacht, Alaska16011AJul 2–10, 20165
Fire, Ice, and Water, Iceland16760AJul 8–22, 2016More than 5
Exploring Norway's Fjords and Glaciers16770AJul 13–23, 2016More than 5
Dolomiti di Brenta: Trekking the Trentino Alps, Italy16765AJul 13–21, 2016More than 5
Tropical Trails, Turtles, and Toucans of Costa Rica16850AJul 17–27, 2016More than 5
Volcanic Vacation: Hut-to-Hut Trekking in Iceland16775AJul 26–Aug 6, 2016More than 5
England's Coast-to-Coast Walk: From the Irish Sea to the North Sea16780AJul 31–Aug 13, 2016Waiting List
Way North: Hut-to-Hut Trekking in Norway and Sweden16785AAug 1–12, 2016More than 5
Wilderness Backpacking in Kluane National Park, Yukon Territory16012AAug 2–9, 2016More than 5
Wilderness Cruise on Alaska's Inside Passage16013AAug 4–13, 2016More than 5
Kayaking the Na Pali Coast, Kauai, Hawaii16023AAug 6–12, 2016More than 5
Focus on Birds in Brazil's Pantanal and Ubatuba16870AAug 14–29, 2016More than 5
Quintessential Scotland: From Edinburgh to the Highlands16790AAug 16–27, 2016More than 5
Arctic Wilderness Fishing Base Camp in the Brooks Range, Alaska16015AAug 16–23, 2016More than 5
National Outings Training Trip - Lodge-Based Day Hiking16998AAug 16–20, 20161
Sailing the Haida Gwaii Islands, British Columbia16014AAug 17–24, 2016More than 5
Ramble the Ambler, Gates of the Arctic National Park, Alaska16016AAug 22–Sep 2, 2016More than 5
Adventures in the Scottish Highlands16795AAug 29–Sep 8, 2016More than 5
On Foot in Northern Spain: Picos de Europa and the Camino de Santiago16900AAug 31–Sep 11, 2016More than 5
Hiking Slovenia: From the Julian Alps to the Adriatic Sea16800ASep 1–12, 2016More than 5
Hiking the Peaks and Valleys of the Dolomites, Italy16805ASep 5–16, 2016More than 5
Prince William Sound Wilderness Cruise, Alaska16017ASep 6–13, 2016More than 5
Pampas, Andes, and Waterfalls in Argentina16875ASep 6–18, 2016More than 5
Jewels of Croatia: Forests, Rivers, and Islands16810ASep 11–24, 2016More than 5
A Taste of Tuscany and Cinque Terre, Italy16815ASep 11–22, 2016More than 5
Magnificent Madagascar16710ASep 11–26, 2016More than 5
Provence d'Azur, France16820ASep 12–21, 2016More than 5
Hiking the Pembrokeshire Coast Path, Wales16825ASep 16–23, 20165
Hiking the Greek Islands16830ASep 20–Oct 3, 2016More than 5
A Taste of the South Downs, England16997ASep 23–26, 2016More than 5
Naples to Brindisi: Secrets of Southern Italy16835ASep 25–Oct 6, 2016More than 5
Ocean Views and Hiking Along Jersey's Coast Path, British Channel Islands16840ASep 26–Oct 3, 2016More than 5
Galápagos and Machu Picchu: The Best of Ecuador and Peru16880AOct 11–23, 20163
Scenic China: Valleys, Vistas, and Villages16725AOct 17–29, 20165
Land of the Thunder Dragon: Bhutan16730AOct 21–Nov 2, 2016More than 5
Trekking the Turquoise Coast of Turkey16845AOct 21–Nov 5, 2016More than 5
Hike, Bike, and Kayak in Vietnam16735AOct 22–Nov 5, 2016More than 5
Highland Trekking in Ethiopia's Simien Mountains16720AOct 22–Nov 4, 2016More than 5
Halfway Around Kanchenjunga, Nepal16740AOct 23–Nov 19, 2016More than 5
Treasures of Tunisia: From Roman Ruins to the Sahara16715AOct 23–Nov 3, 2016More than 5
Trekking the Patagonia Circuit, Argentina and Chile16885AOct 24–Nov 4, 2016More than 5
Oaxaca: Celebrate Day of the Dead in the Cultural Heart of Mexico16855AOct 26–Nov 6, 2016More than 5
Machu Picchu Eco-Lodge Trek, Peru16890ANov 1–11, 2016More than 5
Cuba by Bicycle: Culture and Conservation at a Crossroads16755ANov 3–13, 2016More than 5
Wildlife and Timelessness: Mythical Travels in South India16750ANov 22–Dec 8, 2016More than 5
Birds and Butterflies in Tropical Panama16860ADec 10–18, 2016More than 5
Cruising the Enchanted Galápagos Islands, Ecuador16895ADec 19–31, 2016More than 5
Natural Highlights of Costa Rica17705ADec 20, 2016–Jan 1, 2017More than 5
Southeast Asia Adventure: Northern Laos and Cambodia17500AJan 9–24, 2017More than 5

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