Participant Agreement

All Sierra Club outings participants must sign the Participant Agreement. By signing this form, you and your heirs agree that you will not hold the Sierra Club or its leaders responsible in any way for accidents or injuries that may occur on a Sierra Club outing. You will be asked to sign and return this form to the leader prior to your acceptance onto the outing.

You should understand that activities on this trip (or any trip of this nature) contain inherent risks, including injury, illness, and potentially death. Those who participate in this outing assume all of the risks and will hold the Sierra Club, its agents, and leaders harmless from any and all responsibility, negligence, actions, or suits of any kind or nature whatsoever, for loss or damage to property or personal injuries sustained during this outing.

The following is required of trip applicants:

To accurately and completely provide all personal information requested for leader acceptance; to carefully review all information furnished about the requested trip, and to understand as thoroughly as possible the physical and mental demands of the trip and the risks that may be encountered; to properly equip yourself in accordance with the recommendations of the leader and of the Sierra Club; to respect the customs of countries visited, avoid breaking any applicable laws, and to refrain from antisocial conduct during the trip; to follow environmental guidelines and regulations while on the trip, in accordance with direction from the leader; and to always respect the rights and privacy of other trip members. Please refer to the Terms and Conditions for more information.

Participant safety is our top priority. The itinerary described in the trip brochure reflects the planned route, however circumstances beyond the leader's control, including weather, may necessitate changes. While the leader's decisions will be final, your support and understanding are greatly appreciated.

Please visit our frequently asked questions and trip planning pages for other useful information for planning your trip.