Our Volunteer Leaders

Our Volunteer Leaders

All of our trips are the work of volunteer leaders, who research, plan, and budget a year or more in advance to bring them directly to you. Many leaders balance their time in the field with work and family duties. Most impressive of all, they perform these tasks without pay—a grassroots tradition that sets the Sierra Club apart from its competition.

We hold our leaders to high expectations. They take special training in first aid, group management, and other leadership skills to ensure that you have a wonderful time and that you’re safe. They write the trip descriptions that appear in our trip guides and the detailed brochures here on our website, and often take the photos you see, too.

So why do they do it? The reasons are many, but a key one is that they know the thrill of sharing an amazing vista, a remarkable experience, or the simple joy of a special place. Their goal is to give you an experience that remains with you long after the return home. In other words, that you’ll take home inspiration, memories, and a renewed dedication to protect our wild places and that you’ll share these experiences with friends, family, neighbors, and perhaps also your congressperson.

We hope you can join one of our upcoming adventures. And please take a moment to thank your volunteer leaders for their efforts. That’s the compensation they work for.

P.S. Want to learn more about individual trip staff including leaders, assistants, and cooks? Click on a name below to check out their bio and upcoming trips they're staffing.

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