Kurt Hassell

Leader: Kurt Hassell

Kurt Hassell has been a Sierra Club member since 1982. He has from an early age had a passion for adventure and a desire to explore the world. He has put together and executed varied adventures such as hiking in the mountain jungles of Thailand, months long bike tours in Europe and tramping the Fiordland of New Zealand. Kurt has been fortunate to have also been part of a Grand Adventure, crewing on a square-rigger, tall ship, sailing throughout The Caribbean, just like his ancestors did from the Dutch Island of Saba. He is a retired Army Colonel and College Professor. He has lived and gone to school in Europe and has lived in Asia as well. He is a NOLS trained Wilderness First Responder. When Kurt is not out adventuring he enjoys the labor and challenges of operating a horse farm in Kentucky with his wife, who is from The Netherlands.

Upcoming Trips

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