Why Travel With Us

It's a big world out there. Discover it with the leader in environmentally-friendly adventure travel for over 100 years.

  • Hundreds of fun and affordable trips each year spanning the States and across the globe
  • Unparalleled range of experiences from lodge-based family vacations to rugged wilderness journeys
  • Domestic trips throughout Alaska, Hawaii & the Lower 48
  • International journeys in Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America, the Middle East, Pacific, and beyond
  • Chances to explore the world with other environmentally-conscious individuals
  • Small group sizes provide a more intimate vacation experience
  • Skilled and knowledgeable volunteer leaders who donate their time out of a love for the land
  • Opportunities to learn about conservation, natural history, and wildlife

In 2018, 98% of trip participants said they would take another trip with us. Here's a selection of their comments:


"I can't think of anyone else who can offer so much for such a reasonable price."
—Al H.

"In comparison with other outfitters, our trip was longer, more varied, and less expensive. Our trip had good lodging, good food, good guides, and lots of adventure."
—Peggy W.

"Sierra Club adventures offer tremendous quality at affordable prices. When we schedule a Sierra Club trip, we know we will get an in-depth experience wherever we visit."
—Barbara R.

"For me to have researched this trip, the resources, logistics would have been daunting. Worth every penny."
—Nancy L.


"I was blown away by the performance of the leaders. I never expected to enjoy the trip as much as I did. Greg made everyone feel comfortable and safe."
-Susan R.

"Just let me know when Carol Dienger plans another trip. I'll start saving my money now."
-Sylvia H.

"Cat exceeded my expectations as a leader. I think it says a lot about her that there were so many repeat participants."
-Shauna C.

"Don is the perfect leader for this trip... organized, very friendly and low key. GREAT JOB!!!"
-Carlos G.

"I admire Don's knowledge, energy, enthusiasm, strength and commitment, which made our travel enjoyable and entertaining. His skills and love of nature are an inspiration to others."
-Debra D.

Knowledge of the Area and Environmental Issues

"Both the Sierra leaders and the local leaders had a wealth of knowledge about the people and the places we visited. Because of them, we definitely experienced a great deal more than the typical tourist would."
-Yvonne J.

"Patrick lived, believed, and shared environmental concerns with us."
-Gary D.

"In covering 50 miles, he always knew where we were. He also peppered the day with interesting anecdotes and facts about the area and the environment."
-John S.

"In addition to nature, history, and culture, I think that Viv's relationships with local people makes her a treasure on the trip."
-Janet F.

"I came away with great respect for the people of Bhutan and love for Bhutan's environment. Sierra Club does a fantastic job in this arena and it really enriched my experience."
-Maryann G.


"I am a vegetarian and the food was excellent for my diet."
-Patricia O.

"WOW! Simply the best."
-Jerry H.

"It was apparent a great deal of thought and time went into preparing and planning the menu. Plenty of food and drinks throughout."
-David L.