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Trip Review Content Guidelines 

We love to hear about your travel experiences! Help us build a community for travelers by ensuring that your content follows these guidelines:

Respectful of privacy

  • Please keep personal or personally identifiable information about others to yourself. This includes names, addresses, or other personally identifying information. Perceived privacy violations may be redacted from your review.


  • All content must be timely and relevant. Trip leaders may change from year-to-year, so be sure to review the trip itself, not the leader.


  • Please only provide reviews based on your own trip experiences and include details other travelers will find helpful. Your content should be your own and not copied.


  • Do not submit reviews that include third-party branding, promotional materials, or any other content and links intended for commercial purpose.


  • People of all ages may read these reviews so please be considerate with your language.

Easy to read

  • Please use good grammar and spelling, and refrain from using HTML tags or URLs, which may not format correctly on our site.

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