Lynne Simpson

After a memorable 1968 outing, Lynne Simpson joined the leadership program. Beginning volunteering as a ‘lunch girl’ in Hawaii, she has led to Hawaii, France, Italy, Laos & Vietnam, Indonesia, Madagascar and the Galapagos. She respects and enjoys travel which cultivates further understanding of our world and its diverse cultures, people, and practices. A year of college was spent at the Sorbonne in Paris. Outings have ranged from hiking trips to “easy” hiking to service. In 2013, Lynne and her husband Ray were honored to receive the Club’s Oliver Kehrlein award for their service. Lynne’s other interests are printmaking (she is a member of a Santa Cruz Cooperative print studio) cooking, French poodles and stand up paddleboarding.

Upcoming Trips

This leader is not staffing any upcoming trips just yet.