Marty Joyce

Marty Joyce has been leading national outings for over 35 years. He has lead backpack, family, service, base camp, and canoe trips from St. Croix in the Virgin Islands to Martha’s Vineyard. He has worked with government and state agencies as well as private conservation organizations. The projects included: trail building and maintenance, carpentry, restoring historic cemeteries, tree planting, gardening, butterfly/birding walk, fencing and farm chores. The activities on the layoff day are just as important as the work assignments and trip participants are always encouraged to develop new skills. Frequently, he volunteers at Deer Valley YMCA Camp (a family camp) in Western Pennsylvania completing woodworking and construction projects, and he also manages the cross-country ski program there. He has completed the Outward Bound Minnesota Winter cross-country skiing and dogsledding course. Other skiing experience includes Alaska, Hut to Hut Skiing in Quebec Province, Yellowstone National Park, and in Western Pennsylvania. He has bicycled on many tours in the U.S. and overseas and the Great Allegheny Passage (GAP) is his backyard.

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