Faye Sitzman

Faye Sitzman

Bicycling and camping over 1000 miles from Omaha, NE to Pittsburgh, PA to participate in her first national outing leader training in 1974, Faye Sitzman has since led a wide variety national outings. For nearly 30 years, she served as Midwest Outings Subcommittee chairperson while she recruited and trained dozens of new national leaders, scouted and added new trips to the outings program and maintained the Midwest outing commissary and first-aid equipment.   

A retired school counselor, Faye stays active in education and environmental issues.  Her outdoor pursuits have included backpacking, bicycling, extensive wilderness kayaking in Alaska, Greenland, Everglades, Tybee Island, the Rio Grande, the Great Lakes, and she has regularly paddled the famous Boundary Waters-Quetico wilderness areas since 1970. 

Monhegan Island captured her heart in 2009 and she continues to lead annual Sierra Club service trips there.


Upcoming Trips

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