John Tabaczynski

John Tab Tabaczynski has been an active outdoorsman since he became a Boy Scout 60 years ago. He has hiked most of the peaks and many of the trails in the northeastern US. He served as a scoutmaster for 8 years, and after retiring from that post became a participant in Sierra Club and Appalachian Mountain Club activities. He and his wife Glenda live in Groton, MA. They enjoy cooking (even to the point of giving lessons), and seek out adventure travel. Recent travels have focused on Central and South America as well as the North American west. Tab, started taking photographs and doing darkroom work when he was 11 years old, and despite that still maintains a passion for photography. He claims he only hikes to photograph. About 4 years ago Tab signed on as an assistant leader for the NYC Parks service trip and has been coming back ever since. The trip is unique as far as Sierra Club trips go, and IT IS A BLAST!!!

Upcoming Trips

This leader is not staffing any upcoming trips just yet.