Douglas Barrows

Doug Barrows

Doug Barrows is a third-generation Sierra Club member who went on his first Sierra Club Family Outings trip when he was six years old -- he's been an outdoor enthusiast ever since. Born and raised in Northern California, Doug grew up taking many trips to the Sierra Nevada, and he continues to enjoy exploring there with his wife and two adult daughters. Some of his favorite activities include backpacking, hiking, skiing, cycling, rafting and kayaking as well as just sitting still and enjoying quiet moments in nature. His outdoor adventures include trips to the European Alps, Nepal, Patagonia, New Zealand, Alaska, Pacific Northwest, Rocky Mountains, and the Grand Canyon. Doug lives in the San Francisco East Bay, where he enjoys reading, yoga, dance, gardening and spending quality time with family and friends. Doug is a Wilderness First Responder and has a River Rescue Certification.

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