Victoria Bray-Johnson

Vicky Bray-Johnson

Victoria Bray-Johnson has been a Sierra Club leader or assistant leader since the late 1980s. Vicky has been assisting or leading Sierra Club trips around Bear Valley for a couple of decades. She enjoys the out of doors -- hiking, biking, and fishing in the summers, and snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, and alpine skiing in the winter. She coaches high school cross country at the local high school and enjoys trail running during the summer months. She and her husband are current innkeepers and recent owners of the Tamarack Lodge at Bear Valley and have lived in the Bear Valley area over twenty years. They have two college-bound children, Nolan and April, who have grown up loving the out of doors. Vicky is also on the board of the Alpine County Chamber of Commerce, which plays a large roll in hosting the “Deathride,” a large road cycling event held annually in Alpine County. After taking a few year away from leading National Outing trips, Vicky rejoined Outings to help lead Music in the Mountains – Hikes and Music in Bear Valley in summer 2018.

Upcoming Trips

This leader is not staffing any upcoming trips just yet.