Andrew Quinn

Andy Quinn

Andy Quinn is the Outings Chair for Ancient Islands Sierra Group in Central Florida. Andy leads kayaking, backpacking and camping trips. He is also in engaged in conservation efforts, such as the recent defeat of anti-solar amendment 1 in Florida. Andy has significant backpacking experience in the U.S. and the Canadian Rockies. Andy has through hiked the Pacific Crest National Scenic Trail and the Continental Divide Scenic Trail. Andy grew up in Louisiana, exploring rivers with the Boy Scouts, water skiing and fishing with his family. He is a former US Marine Captain, having trained at the Jungle Warfare School in Okinawa, and Mountain Warfare School in the Sierra Nevada. Andy has also trained with Richard Cleveland, a former lead instructor of Tom Brown, at The Earth School in Tyron, NC. Andy is a Wilderness First Responder.

Upcoming Trips

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