Intro to Backcountry Skiing in Utah's Wasatch Range

Sierra Club Outings Trip | Lodge, Snow

Two skiers smile and pose at the bottom of a snowy basin.
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  • Develop backcountry skiing and avalanche safety skills
  • Ski at a resort and in the backcountry
  • Safely explore the backcountry on skis or splitboards


  • Double-occupancy hotel lodging, breakfast & gratuities
  • Earn AIARE Level 1 and Companion Rescue certifications
  • Avalanche safety gear and shuttles






This trip is in: United States, Utah


  • A skier goes down one of the many ski runs carved into a snow covered slope.
  • Snow covered trees sloped ground covered in snow.
  • A person goes on a ski run across flat ground towards a snowy ridge.
  • Two people use ski poles to go uphill on a snowy slope.
  • A person uses ski poles to navigate a trail over snowy ground.
  • Snowy trees grow out of a thick layer of snow carpeting the ground.
  • A skier kicks up a spray of snow when turning on a snowy slope.