Participant Forms

All trip reservations are subject to acceptance by the trip leader. After you register for a trip, each applicant (including those on the waitlist) must fill out the following forms, which will be sent by mail or email depending on which option is selected, and mail them to the trip leader within 30 days of registration. These forms are in Portable Document Format (PDF) and contain editable fields so that you may complete them electronically. To complete them on your computer, you must first save and then open them in Adobe Acrobat Reader, which you can download for free from the Adobe website.

The Participant Agreement must be printed and mailed to the trip leader, however, the Medical Form and Participant Responsibilities and Information Form may be emailed (note: email is not HIPPA compliant, so if you are concerned about privacy, please mail the Medical Form to the trip leader). All forms available as editable PDFs may be completed on the computer and saved for future use. We are looking into developing online forms, where possible, to streamline this process and reduce the use of paper. 

Your leader may also ask for your travel details.

Children under 18 not accompanied by a parent or guardian will need a completed minor release form.

Participant Responsibilities and Information Forms

The Participant Responsibilities and Information Form helps leaders gather important participant screening information and talk to participants about all aspects of the trip’s physicality. It also includes a new tool, Essential Eligibility Criteria (EEC), which outlines the minimum requirements participants must meet to join the trip. View a full list of EEC.

PRI forms are specific to the trip type. Follow the links below to access the appropriate form for your trip.

The Process

Each applicant (including those on the waitlist) must promptly complete these three forms (Participant Agreement, Medical Form, Participant Responsibilities and Information Form) and return them to the trip leader. You may be canceled from a trip if you don't submit these forms to the leader within 30 days of placing your reservation. If you are completing forms that you received in your confirmation packet, then you will find your leader's address within the packet. If you need to download your forms here to expedite the acceptance process, you will need to contact the office for the leader's address.

Once the trip leader has received and reviewed your forms, they will schedule a follow-up call to make sure that you are clear on trip expectations and to discuss your equipment, experience, and physical condition. Occasionally, a trip leader may feel that you are not suited for the trip. If they suggest a more suitable trip, we will refund any reservation payments you have already made or transfer those funds to another trip. If you have any questions about your suitability for a trip, you should reach out to the trip leader directly. Please contact the office for their information.

Please visit our frequently asked questions and trip resources pages for other useful information for planning your trip.