Service in the Sky, Chiricahua Mountains, Arizona

Sierra Club Outings Trip | Service/Volunteer, Backpack, Base Camp

A demonstration of sawing, two people in workwear saw at a fallen log watched by three more people.
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  • Work in a biologically diverse sky island
  • Opportunity to see a world-class birding region
  • Perform important trail maintenance in a unique area


  • Great food/meals with lots of vegetarian options
  • Pack support for hike into campsite
  • Free day to hike/explore Chiricahua Wilderness area






This trip is in: United States, Arizona


  • A massive log that has been cut in half. The participants responsible pose happily between the two halves of what they've achieved.
  • Bear paw prints, the muddy imprints left on a log.
  • A buckbrush (Ceanothus fendleri), clusters of blooming white flowers.
  • A cabin and campsite. There is a wooden cabin, log seating around a dormant campfire, and people milling in between tents.
  • A participant examining a long saw. The saw is held up for them by another person.
  • A participant refills the waterbottle of another with springwater. A concrete opening below opens onto the springwater.
  • Four people in workwear holding up a long saw.
  • Two participants in workwear saw through a fallen tree.
  • A hiker on a trail walks by a hillside of sparse bare trees.
  • Two people wearing hard hats heft a log together. Behind them is a mountainside of bare trees.