Kayaking and Boating Georgia's Untamed Coast

Sierra Club Outings Trip | Lodge, Kayak, Small Boat (1 review)

Ten smiling people in kayaks float in a line, holding onto each other's boats to keep in place.
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  • Kayak the unique & diverse waterways of coastal Georgia
  • Enjoy sea island day trips: Sapelo Island & Wassaw NWR
  • View abundant wildlife and spring flowers in bloom


  • Kayak, paddle & life jacket rental
  • Six nights' lodging in cozy state park cabins
  • Van-supported airport pickup, drop off & transport





John Kovacevic
Elise Morrison
Assistant Leader:


This trip is in: United States, Georgia


  • A person gets into a kayak in the shallows of the water in order to join the other kayakers paddling around.
  • Eight smiling people on a wooden dock.
  • A house.
  • A view from a floating kayak of the sun hanging low in the sky.
  • A kayaker paddling past a shore of sun dappled trees.
  • A view over a kayak paddle of a sign nailed to a tree that reads "Paddle faster I hear banjos."
  •  A boat in the water on a cloudy day. The sun peeks through the clouds.
  • Kayakers paddling past sun dappled trees.
  • A person beaches their kayak next to another.

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