Prince William Sound Wilderness Cruise, Alaska

Sierra Club Outings Trip | Kayak, Small Boat

A group of ten smiling people stand in front of a view of mountains and icy waters.
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  • Experience the beauty of Prince William Sound
  • Sail on a luxurious working yacht, the Discovery
  • Spend your days watching glaciers, whales, and otters


  • Pre-trip dinner and transportation to the Discovery
  • Accommodations on the Discovery, two bunks per room
  • Gourmet meals prepared on the Discovery





Don Murch


This trip is in: United States, Alaska


  • Four smiling kayakers in the water hold each other in place to float in a row. Behind them is a frozen outcropping and mountains.
  • Four people sit next to each other overlooking bright water and forested mountainside.
  • A wet black bear stands in the shallows of a river running over walks.
  • Seven hikers in single file walk through reeds.
  • Five smiling people stand in a shallow stream.
  • Seven kayaks rest on a grassy shore.
  • A pond surrounded by brown grass and trees.
  • Four people standing on a rocky shore observe icy waters. On the other side of the water rises icy rocks.
  • Blueberries, cloudberries, and salmonberries held up in the palm of a hand.
  • Red leafed plants growing out of the rocks at the water's edge.