Portugal Traverse: Hiking through History from the Mountains to the Sea

Sierra Club Outings Trip | Hiking, International

A hiker walks down a trail in a rocky cliff by the seaside.  To one side, flowers grow out of the cliff.
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  • Explore medieval villages and ancient pilgrim paths
  • Hike in Peneda-Geres National Park
  • Enjoy a boat ride & hike in Douro River Valley


  • Knowledgeable guides, on-trip transport, gratuities
  • All meals except two lunches and one dinner
  • Lodging in comfortable hotels and visit to a rural farm





Becky Wong
Becky Wong


This trip is in: Europe, Portugal


  • A church surrounded by forest.  Other towns lie in the far distance.
  • Three people walk up a rocky hillside.  Purple and yellow flowers grow in patches.
  • Trees with the bark stripped back from the base to reveal red trunks.  A woman walks on a path between the trees.
  • An older man wearing a flat cap and plaid shirt. He clasps a hand on a wood pole. A metal farm tool with a wooden handle is looped around his neck.  Someone behind him looks out over terraced fields.
  • A sailboat titled "Ferrao" floats in dim daylight.  The attached lifeboat is titled "Bernardino."  In the background there are buildings and a tall arch bridge.
  • Houses overlooking slopes of flat dirt terraces.  The houses are stone with red roofs.
  • A woman with one hand on a stick and the other hand on the tail of a cow.  The cow and the rest of the herd walk on a street between stone buildings.
  • Two people walk over a flat stone serving as a bridge.  Below is a small waterfall, and surrounding them are rocky hillsides. Twiggy plants grow from the rocks.
  • A man holds up an orange in front of an orange tree.