Ski The Fish: Cross-Country Skiing in Whitefish, Montana

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Two skiers on a ski run. Their surrounding feature snowy evergreen trees.
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  • Cross-country skiing near Whitefish, Montana
  • Improve your skiing with lessons from expert guides
  • Warm your toes with six nights of deluxe lodging


  • All lodging
  • Breakfasts and snacks
  • Transportation to all trailheads






This trip is in: United States, Montana


  • A snow covered slope with sparse trees.
  • Two people ski past the border of a thick evergreen forest.
  • A snowy mountain seen from across a body of water.
  • Four people on a snowy dock looking out at across the water towards a snowy mountain range.
  • A snowy shore coverered with dead trees and driftwood.
  • Two smiling people, one with their arm around the other, stand in the snow.
  • A snowy path passing between bare brown bushes towards a forest. Beyond the forest lies a snowy ridge.

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