Wilderness Cruise on Alaska's Inside Passage: Juneau to Wrangell

Sierra Club Outings Trip | Small Boat, Kayak

A bald eagle flies directly over a bear.
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  • View whales, eagles, seals, bears, and other wildlife
  • Hike through rainforests and kayak in calm coves
  • Watch grizzlies and black bears fishing for salmon


  • Yacht lodging and all meals on the boat
  • On-trip naturalist/marine biologist discussions
  • All admissions, permits, and fees





John Killeen


This trip is in: United States, Alaska


  • A glacier cliff face rising up out of the sea dwarfs a group of people standing in an inflatable raft.
  • A boat docked at the base of a moutain forest.  People in double kayaks head towards the boat, floating on green water.
  • A person paddling in the front of a double kayak, following the lead of two other kayaks.
  • A whale tail fin above the water, with two people looking on.
  • A bird standing on top of rocks.  The birds beak is bright orange, its eye is yellow and and rimmed with orange.
  • A boat labeled "Snowgoose, Bellingham WA" floats in the water and has kayaks and a raft tied to it.  A person sits at the bow.
  • A whale breaching the water as seagulls fly around.  In the distance there is a forest, and a mountain range.
  • Four double kayaks go up a river surrounded by forest.
  • A view of a pebbled beach, a forested coast, far away hills, under a grey and cloudy sky.